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newsI have separated the Photo Gallery from my Blog and added a separate category for more explicit photos.

I am conscious that I have different kinds of photos and while I love them both, I don’t think they belong together.

The Photo Gallery is intended to showcase photos that have artistic appeal and can be viewed by more people.

They include nudity, but will normally not be explicit or pornographic. A separate section now has a gallery of more explicit photos, which I like better, since you can now browse the regular photo gallery without seeing a closeup of a spread pussy, a blowjob, cumshot or a hardcore fucking photo.

For those of you that enjoy the more explicit photos – they can be viewed here. They don’t have a direct link on the menu.

My blog is all about what is going on in my life, so it will often involve explicit photos, since that is a big part of what I do every day!

As always, please leave your ratings and comments on the posts and let me know what you like and what you don’t as well as if you like the new format!

ModelsWantedI am looking for models for sexy, topless and nude photo shoots. This is a great opportunity for amateurs to get a high quality portfolio for professional distribution. There is currently a high demand for quality nude and erotic modelling with the opportunity to earn significant income.

Photo shoots will be sexy, topless or completely nude with compensation accordingly. Unlike many photographers we pay all models for posing, even first-time amateurs. All sessions are discrete and professional, and are conducted in hotels in your local area.

*Currently shooting in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada*

Serious applicants only apply at:

beautifulbreastsGirl’s breasts have always been a source of fascination and almost obsession for North American’s compared to the attitude of Europeans.

From a photographic perspective breast are a great subject, as they can be seen as natural, nourishing, subtle, sexy or erotic depending on the situation and how they are photographed.

Of course they are really both natural and sexual depending on the situation.

As a photographic subject, I examine breasts of all kinds – from young pubescent girls to natural topless girls at the beach, to the maternal breast to photos of a sexual nature.

Click here to view all the photos.

As always, I love to hear feedback – good and bad.

18thBirthdayNudeAre you turning 18? One of our more popular private photo shoots is the 18th birthday nude photo shoot.

What could be more beautiful than having the keepsake of the beauty and innocence of youth?

It is especially fun when the photo shoot is scheduled exactly on your 18th birthday. Some girls invite their friends over to join in the fun and have an 18th birthday party they will never forget!

Why not step it up a notch and invite your boyfriend to join you for a hot, erotic, or even hardcore photo shoot? We make you feel at ease with a completely private studio. Contact us today to book your birthday suit birthday!

View some of our 18th birthday nude photos here…

KristenNot quite ready to pose topless or nude?

Why not do a photo shoot with sexy lingerie?

A sheer bra reveals just enough to make your photo shoot hot and sexy.

Sometimes these kinds of photo shoots can be even more erotic than a nude photo shoot.

Contact us to arrange your sexy shoot today!

NudeInCroatiaI spent two amazing weeks in Croatia this past year, and just love how they don’t have the kind of hangups about public nudity that we do in North America.

Read more about nudity in Croatia and see photos here…